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Please Pray for me
posted by: Francisca Jones on 8/17/2018

I am in deeperson need of prayers. I am struggling so much with myself and my health. I've been having heart attack symptoms and I have been in and out of the hospital. They've found nothing yet. I feel like I'm waiting to have a heart attack and die. I'm terrified. I can't get any physical or mental ease. Please pray for me, I need it so much.
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Communication and Reconciliation
posted by: Tom on 7/20/2018

Please pray that God will see the desires of my heart and reconcile Amy and I. Please pray that God will protect both of us from Satan and all his evil forces and open communication between us. Thank you for your prayers...
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Please pray for me
posted by: Andrew G Robinson on 7/20/2018

I am in dire need of prayer. I am truly in crisis. I have lawsuits and court cases that have led me to financial ruins. My next hearing is on July 27th. It is starting to effect my health and my ability to support for family. My job is in jeopardy, as there is a storm like a hurricane moving through my life. Please pray for me. I’m at the end of my rope.
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Need God’s mercy in my life
posted by: Roshni Jacob on 7/17/2018

I gave Chartered Accountancy Final Exam in May 2018. The exams were very tough. The result is on 20th July 2018. Inter exam of this course took me 2 years to clear. I will be 24 in August & still have no job. My parents are constantly mocked by all people because of my failures. I have become the reason for my parents tears, pain & shame. Please pray that God has mercy on me & help me clear CA Final in first attempt on 20th July 2018 so that I can make my parents smile. Please pray for me.
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posted by: sathish on 7/13/2018

Let people help me.
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RE: Healing
posted by: Sherry Tate on 7/3/2018

Please agree with me in prayer for complete healing from high blood pressure and obesity
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work and God's work
posted by: Derek Johnson on 6/22/2018

Please pray that I work unto the Glory of God Himself as I attempt to get a very physical job as a middle-aged man on Monday. I have to show them my stuff, but I think I have a muscle-tear in my upper back. I want this job not only for support, but for a foothold into Beaverton, OR as I try to evangelize the lost. Please pray for the bosses of O'Neill Moving and Storage. May they flourish and may part of the reason be because they helped me reach the hurting.
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Prayer Request
posted by: Khadijah Harden on 6/1/2018

Can you pray for Khadijah (24 year old) because she starting to bring the wrong men around her kids. She’s looking for love in the wrong places; she lost about life and what love is because she doesn’t know Jesus Christ. She’s meeting the wrong people and people from her past keep coming back into her life.
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posted by: on 5/22/2018

Fervent prayer for my son Seth who is getting married this weekend, memorial day. Salvation, direction, guidance, baptism in the Holy Spirit. May all go well that day and that he and family be happy. The Lord knows the details to all this. Also for job security for myself at my part time job may God continue to work through me in this location and employment and also an interview coming up for a job in the near future for early morning hours. Include please that I returned to school late in life and that all paper work go through smoothly so that I may begin June 1st 2018. Renew me like the eagle Lord God restore me touch and regenerate every cell in my body! To be able to continue on forward until the last trumpet sounds. Help me in making it to my local church at least once a week.
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Help conceiving
posted by: Kristina V on 5/18/2018

Pray that Lupe and i will conceive a healthy baby immediately together. We've been trying awhile
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