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posted by: sathish on 9/12/2018

Pray for my money.
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posted by: VIRENDRA NAVGIRE on 9/12/2018

PRAISE THE LORD , Please save life of my mother KALAWATI VISHWAS NAVGIRE suffering from BRAIN PROBLEM (APHASIA) , EPILEPSY , AND HYPERTENSION. Due to clotting of blood in brain ,regular circulation of blood in brain get stopped .So my mother has lossed her memory and unable to understand and speech correct words. I am assured that your few words prayer can save life of my mother.This is very emergency situation for my mother as she is not eating food and medicines properly . Day by day weakness is coming to my mother . Please pray urgently in your personal prayers , family prayers and coming church worship too. THANKING YOUR FOR YOUR MIRACULOUS PRAYER IN THE NAME OF LORD JESUS Virendra V. Navgire Misssion Compound , Ganeshpur , Bhandara (MS ) INDIA Virendra_navgire@rediffmail.com
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posted by: Miki on 9/11/2018

My name is Miki, I’m 19 years old. I’ve made some mistakes in my life but I never expected it to be like this. My doctor diagnosed me with genital herpes. I’m hurt. I’m lost. All I do is pray, cry, and read the Bible. I believe in healing, and I know God can do that. I’ve changed all my wicked ways, but I’m scared. I told my doctor I could not accept the news because God would heal me. She told me she would test me again when I was ready. I have a man in my life that I told about the circumstances, but even though he accepts me for me, I don’t want to even risk touching him to hurt him. I want to be able to love, and have a baby and not worry about this. My family is hurt. Please pray that God takes this “uncurable” virus away. Thank you
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Virginia Barclay Crawell
posted by: Dale on 9/8/2018

please pray that my wife Virginia come back home and realize how much I love her
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In need
posted by: Phillip on 9/5/2018

Financial Healing Ministry
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Where is Jesus when I Call
posted by: Tom on 9/3/2018

Dear Fellow Brothers and sisters in Christ, please pray for me that God will restore what Satan has taken and reconcile me with the love of my life. Thank you for your prayers...
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prayer for my family and my job
posted by: Angelina Giorgi on 9/2/2018

Prayer for my family and my job Praying for the staff of the "Hotel Hvar" in Jelsa; Melita my boss, Ksenija Babaja, Darko Kekez,Josip, Dragan and a director Tony to be drawn to Jesus himself to become true witnesses of His love and grace. My heart cry also goes to my hometown of Osijek where so many people emigrated abroad to seek one's fortune and for my elderly mother...Praying also for a community of Bale-Valle in a region of Istria which is so ungodly and I release my spouse David Giorgi intoYour hands Lord,and his workplace in Venice, let Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. I thank you for Your daily grace and forgiveness. I believe that I am more then a conqueror proclaiming Your word into my daily circumstances although the future seems to be uncertain and grievous...without a home and a family. Help me Lord to keep up my hope because I get depressed very often crying for my little boy Alessandro who's been taken away from me over a year ago by my husband and his malicious religious mother; his little heart is silently crying for his mommy, not being able to see me only at the weekend on the mobile video camera. I have to trust Lord that You are in control, not the worldy people or Satan himself with his principalities. I pray in Jesus mighty Name. Amen.
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Family in need
posted by: Rebecca GARCIA on 9/1/2018

Please pray for me im am in need of a miracle I am a 37yr old mom 9yr old son and 2 uncles who are disabled that i also care for and I have no money to support them right now our gas was cut off due to a gas leak which in return left us with no hot water and now my fridge wentbout and the food i had spoiled and no money to replace i had a car accident last month and got hurt and unable to work tha last month our car was totalled oh please I ask you all to please pray for us please please please pray for me I truly need a miracle Ive been praying with all my heart for a mighty miracle i reached out to several agencies but was turned down .Please pray for a miracle God bless you allll and ty
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Ministerial establishment
posted by: John fusi on 8/30/2018

I am the pastor of Overcomers Pentecostal Assembly based in Hamburg. Please pray for the church that , the revival fire fall in the ministry, massive salvation of souls, pray against satanic attacks, manifestations of signs, wonders and miracles, establishment of the church in Hamburg-Germany.
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Urgent Request
posted by: Kelley on 8/29/2018

Please pray for my grandson he is six years old, and we think he may be getting bullied. He has turned from a natural happy child to being on edge and crying. Somedays at schools he suffers from headaches. I need the saints to pray fervently and urgently. He is now around little boys whose parents allow them to wear dresses and pretend to be girls. They are in his after-school program. And now my grandson has picked up feminine ways. We need this spirit broken right now. I want my grandson to be free and delivered from anything that is contrary to God's word. We are a Christian family; please stand with us that we can be more involved in his life and be allowed to take him to church. My son needs prayer he is afraid of my grandson's mother, Please agree that he will be all God created him to be. Thank you
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