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marriage problem solution provider
posted by: Mia on 4/30/2019

friend Mark and his family. He is suffering from cancer and hasn't been able to eat or drink for two days. Pray that the Holy Spirit comforts and strengthens Mark and his family
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Thank you man of God
posted by: Wiloria on 4/30/2019

Thank you for your prayers. My son was born two weeks ago on Saturday. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. God blessed you and gave in return thousands of blessings in Jesus name. Thank my You Lord Jesus. My dearest friend my All in All. Please continue praying for little baby Noel and his happy and blessed childhood. And that we are the best mum and dad ever possible. Please pray for his health and all his needs and his protection. And for his mum Snježana me and all of my family and for all of our needs and our protection and that we are faithful to God and each other And that God protects us from all evil. Thank you all. Thank you Pastor Hubbard Mail; pastorjamiehubbard@gmail.com Tel. +2349036378920
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animal charity financial problems
posted by: a. on 4/26/2019

pleasp pray for animal charity MDD to get afinancial donations to buy food and pay veterinary bill. thanks
I will pray 6 people are praying.
Friend in BIG TROUBLE!
posted by: Crystal S on 4/26/2019

Please pray! Things aren't going well. My friend's maintaining that he's innocent BECAUSE he is, but nobody believes him. All the evidence is against him and he's being made a fool in front of the whole world. But I know he's not stupid. Yet there's currently no way to prove it and we're feeling feeling desperate. We need a miracle at this point! Pray for God's power and intervention. It's all we have. I'm afraid he'll be punished for something he didn't do. PLEASE pray that none can harm him!!! The police say that they've never seen anyone deny doing drugs even after the official drug test results have proven otherwise. My friend is no fool and he's not denying just to think he can somehow avoid punishment by doing so. He's saying that he's innocent BECAUSE he is! And he's not denying the results but having done the drugs. He could easily have been fed them (mixed in drink) without knowing, or there might've been a mix up or mistake during the test process. In the worst case, corruption and bribery might actually be involved -- as the accusing party is someone rich and powerful who wants to put the blame on him for her own crime. She's already done drugs in the past but got away scot-free while her partner-in-crime went to jail. But no one's going after her this time even though she was the one who was caught. The whole thing seems like it's fixed. Investigation is biased, the media is biased, and everyone's against him. PLEASE pray for God's grace and mercy for my friend in this most horrible situation, and for a MIRACLE tonight! It's desperately needed. I fear my friend will be pressured to give in and falsely confess his crime when he's innocent as I KNOW HE IS! Thank you for your prayers.
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Relationship Restoration and Deliverance
posted by: Christina on 4/17/2019

Please pray for restoration of me and Mo's relationship. We both are trying to serve God and I think that we have come under an attack from the enemy, trying to separate us. Mo was exiled from Turkey for being a Christian, and he was persecuted and put in jail in Turkey. He is a Christian and his birthday is on Christmas and he has always had people be mean to him because he is a Christian and not Muslim. He says he wants to win hearts over for Christ. He got exiled out of Turkey 6 years ago and sent to the United States. He has been serving God by making Christian songs and Christian teaching videos to lead people over to Christ. 2 years ago he left Chicago and moved to Georgia because his cousin said he was going to help him but when he got here his cousin did not help him. So now for the last year he has been working almost everyday and has stopped going to church. Please pray that he is built back up into the body of Christ and that the will of God will be done in his life. I truly believe that Mo was sent to me by God, but since we both have not been completely obedient, I know that we have made an opening for the enemy to come in and attack our relationship. I am supposed to be leaving to go somewhere I believe Christ is calling me to, so I will be moving soon without Mo. I know that I have to follow where God leads now so it has been hard being in a relationship with Mo when I know that he has other plots of the enemy overcoming him and his ongoing service to Christ. He needs deliverance please from all things stopping him from serving Christ once again. Please pray he starts making songs for Christ again and that his eyes are unveiled to any attacks or strongholds of the enemy. Galatians 6: 1-2 tells us if someone is caught in sin, that you who walk in the spirit should gently restore him. Carry each other's burdens and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ. If it's God's will for us to be joined together I pray that God continues to prepare us for marriage. But I pray that any attack from the enemy is sent away in Jesus Christ name I pray so that God may use us individually where he is calling us and for our relationship to be restored in Christ. In Jesus Christ name I thank you, amen.
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posted by: on 4/16/2019

We are facing impossible difficulties. Pray God will help us Himself in all areas of life AND to overcome what we are facing with grace given to us, and help us to trust Jesus without fear or doubt and to bring some people into our lives who help us quickly, and for peace, health and protection
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prayer request
posted by: Magdalena Lovejoy on 4/11/2019

please pray for my friendship with Bernard Lightman and Gerard Naddaf and save our souls.
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God Save Eric
posted by: Alfred on 4/11/2019

Please pray for Eric McDonald. Please pray for his salvation. Pray that God will open his eyes to see his needs for Jesus Christ. Please ask God to give Eric the grace to turn to Jesus, repent, and be saved!!! Please pray that God will turn his life all around so that all things will be made new in him, through him, and all around him!!!
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Need God's Help
posted by: Seth on 4/10/2019

Please pray for me. I need God’s help, I need clarity, I need direction, I need wisdom to get through this time, and I need God’s provision to get me through. Please pray that God will move many powerful prayer warriors to pray for me during this time. Pray that God will reveal to them exactly how to pray for me, with wisdom, insight and direction. Thank you.
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Relationship Restoration
posted by: Punam Chawan on 4/2/2019

Please prayer for my relationship restoration with Allwyn Anthony. It more than a month he is not talking to me and has blocked me everywhere. We've been in a relationship for more than 3 years now and were staying together for last 8 months in rage i asked him to leave and now it’s all messed up. I love him and want to marry him. Please pray urgently for him, we both are away from home working in a different city, I don't know where he is and with whom is he, please only GOD can reunite us, please pray for me I am in a desperate condition. Please pray to Almighty GOD only he can reconcile us.
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