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state of mind depressed grandson
posted by: Phyllis Hall on 11/4/2018

My grandson seems to be sinking towards suicide since his release from the state run teen drug program. He’s using again and seems so lost. He is a fragile new believer. We need a miracle please pray with our family. Thank you. Phyllis 9mHDP
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posted by: Jared on 11/3/2018

Please pray that my time will get approved as soon as possible so I can get paid on time next week and I will never get stalked again by anyone. Also please pray that my work hours will not get reduced.
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Need the Miracle from God
posted by: MM on 11/2/2018

We really need your prayers to have the miracle from God. This miracle is my brother. please call God to deliver this miracle to my family. please pray with all your believe trust faith and love to God. please also ask your families and friends to pray for us to have this miracle. AMEN!
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posted by: on 10/29/2018

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Urgent prayer for my daughter
posted by: Laurie on 10/28/2018

I need protection of evil for my daughter. She needs strength, courage and wisdom from God ASAP. It could change her whole life!
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Forgiveness and reconciliation in my marriage
posted by: Matt on 10/17/2018

Prayers for my marriage my wife and I. That she will have a heart of forgiveness towards me and we have a spirit of reconciliation towards God and each other. Also to bind Satan in my marriage
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Family and debt
posted by: Becky on 10/15/2018

Please pray for us daughter not talking to us, please pray she can be the happy child again.please pray for finances in debt please pray for us.
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Kindly pray for my Job change, debts to be cleared, parents health
posted by: Anand Kumar on 10/10/2018

Kindly pray for my Job change, debts to be cleared, parents health i have a job but due expenses incurred towards medical bills of parents and kids school fee, debts have increased, i am trying hard to Job change so that i can clear debts. ( inspite of all the issues, i am paying my tithe to my Church regularly). regards G. Anand Kumar +919743756969
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Save Justin’s job
posted by: on 10/9/2018

Justin lost his job undeservingly. Please pray that his appeal is heard and he can return to work
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urgent prayer
posted by: Deepasree on 10/9/2018

Kindly pray on this matter. I just cant bear any more tension as my 6 yr relationship is slowly fading as my lover cannot get commited to me as he is scared of the consequences of getting married to me. I am leaving this matter to Almighty, let him take a decision. I cant think of getting married to someone else and we still have the same love and care for each other but due to the deteriorating health of his mom, he decided to leave me and is trying to please her by being a good child for her which in turn prevent us from getting united. I need to reconciliate with him, kindly pray to restore the relationship. Actually for the last 8 months he informed his family that he doesnt keep any connections with me.Circumstances are not allowing us to unite,even though we are deeply in love. At the same time he calls me up daily and says he loves and cares for me and if we are meant to be together we would be together, some day!! But he needs to satisfy his family by getting married to another girl. Im in deep dilemma due to this. I need to restore the relationship with him Also pray for clearing IELTS with CRS 450 for canada migration
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