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I need help!
posted by: Shandye M L on 11/12/2018

I Shandye Lampkins, moved into Bond County Housing, Greenville, Illinois several years ago. I didn't expect to be treated rude, poisoned, rushed to the hospital six times, and suffer trama from this experience. I moved to another town for months and decided to move back to Greenville. I no longer live in the Bond County Housing appartments, but somehow Bond County Housing employees found the home that I now live in and the threatening, harrassing, and telling me that they will fource me out of my home has begun again and I don't even live on Bond County Housing property. They told me that they will kill me for coming back to Greenville. When I lived in Bond county housing, the harrasment was done through some kind of audio and video device. I hear them threatening me and they know what I'm doing inside my home. They are trying to force me out of my home again.The same equipment is being used now to threaten me. I have been asking for help from Greenville police, but nothing is being done to stop this. In the name of Jesus, do something!
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Daughter needs immediate healing
posted by: Tobie on 11/11/2018

My daughter Kimberly needs healing in the name of Jesus.She is pregnant and has a 2 yr old as well named Isaac. She is suffering with respiratory problems breathing. She has severe asthma and the flu and medication is not helping her to breath and she feels she is suffocating. Doctors can't do much more. Please pray for complete healing and that the Lord takes away her asthma so she can breathe easy and that the Lord protects her 2 yr old and unborn child from any sickness. My mom is disabled and also very sick. Please rebuke all sickness in the name of Jesus Christ. Thank you and God Bless!
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Marriage restoration
posted by: shalmon on 11/8/2018

Please pray for me and my wife there are fights at home she wants divorce. pray that we should come together and all the devils plans should be destroyed. pray for complete healing. pray for financial break through.
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Relationship restoration
posted by: Adrian on 11/8/2018

Please pray that my relationship be reconciled/restored. For him to understand it was miscommunication that lead him away from me. Pray that God softens his heart and he sees how much I love him. Through the good and bad times I wanted and will always be there. Pray that God fix and heal our relationship as well make it stronger in love. Pray that we can move forward from past mistakes and carry on our lives together as one with the love of God.
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posted by: Gertrude Lauderdale on 11/7/2018

For me all members of my families our love ones to be set free out of the dire straits of the bondages we find ourselves in spiritually,mentally,emotionally,physically,financially: Lauderdales,Coopers,Browns,Beavers,Craigs,Flemings,Gladdens,Johnsons,Williams,Keys,Eddie H.,Mary S.,Idae
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state of mind depressed grandson
posted by: Phyllis Hall on 11/4/2018

My grandson seems to be sinking towards suicide since his release from the state run teen drug program. He’s using again and seems so lost. He is a fragile new believer. We need a miracle please pray with our family. Thank you. Phyllis 9mHDP
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posted by: Jared on 11/3/2018

Please pray that my time will get approved as soon as possible so I can get paid on time next week and I will never get stalked again by anyone. Also please pray that my work hours will not get reduced.
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Need the Miracle from God
posted by: MM on 11/2/2018

We really need your prayers to have the miracle from God. This miracle is my brother. please call God to deliver this miracle to my family. please pray with all your believe trust faith and love to God. please also ask your families and friends to pray for us to have this miracle. AMEN!
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posted by: on 10/29/2018

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Urgent prayer for my daughter
posted by: Laurie on 10/28/2018

I need protection of evil for my daughter. She needs strength, courage and wisdom from God ASAP. It could change her whole life!
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