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posted by: Mr. Imre Ivacson on 9/22/2019

Dear Prayer Partner, I'm 55 years old and I have been praying for my life partner for a long time. So far I have not received the person promised by God according to his word - Genesis » 2:18 And the Lord God said, It is not good for the man to be by himself: I will make one like himself as a help to him. I would like to send me a message what plans does God has for me? If the Holy Spirit has any specific message for me, I look forward to your message. God bless your mission. Mr. Imre Ivacson from Romania I use Google translator.
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posted by: Tish on 9/20/2019

Please pray for my home and job situation thst i can continue to work and provide for ky family and have a home
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need miracles
posted by: bobbi Deweese on 9/19/2019

my heart is heavy, my husband needs prayer hes addicted to drugs, he dont care about anything, our marriage finances, our children. he doesnt help me with anything nomore, he isnt the spirtual leader he should be, he needs a awaken., a shaking from god., Im a weary wife, My heart is breaking .
I will pray  
Prayer Request
posted by: David on 9/16/2019

Please pray for me as I urgently needed new and suitable job for myself. Pray for my financial as I badly in financial crisis. May I will be free from financial difficulties and problems. Free from debts.
I will pray  
prayer request for John to get a job,salvation and complete healing
posted by: Mary on 9/11/2019

Please pray for John, Lord to heal his every inner and emotional wound, anxiety, depression, every evil binding of sin, smoking, alcoholism, drug use, addiction to medias,lust,hurt, communication and behavioral problems, revenge, hatred to everyone in this world and to fill him with Holy spirit.Lord,please him with Your love , peace, joy, confidence wisdom, compassion, gentleness, piety and give him a suitable job in the field he did graduation and faithfull God-fearing friends and make his every relation as it should be. Lord, please prepare a God Fearing, faithfull RC girl, and family for him and let them get married in Your time..Bless his next 7 generations too. Thanks
I will pray  
Healing for my both parents
posted by: Manjula Devi on 9/11/2019

Respected Pastor, Praise the Lord My father namely Balraj suffering from lymph node cancer, for the past 1 week he is not taking food & lying over the bed, not able to mother(Saral) is also bed ridden from April 1st, my brother & me are suffering a lot in taking care of them. all relatives didn't turn up, we crossed 5 months but we are not able to see any improvement in their health. kindly pray for my father & mother for speedy recovery. we are getting bad dreams & visions.All are saying he will die....both me & my brother are in tears....kindly pray for us Thank u for ur prayer support
I will pray  
Please pray for my dad
posted by: Sanshia on 9/9/2019

Today, I am writing to you on behalf of my dad. My dad is working in Dry Docks World, Dubai for almost 28 years. Since a month, my dad is not able handle the stress or focus on the work and what ever he does, there will be some mistakes. He is planning to resign from his current job due to the same work issues. I have been seeing him working very hard day and night without any rest and yet he is not getting recognized for what he has done. However, all we ask the Jesus is to help him get through the problems and be able to focus on the work so that he gets what he deserves. Please pray for him to change his mind from resigning/losing the job because, my sister is still in high school and we have a lot of financial issues.
I will pray  
protect wife from evils
posted by: RANJI THOMAS on 9/7/2019

My Fiancee Jennifer is working in Maldives & I am in Cambodia , we are getting marriage next months but still we are having problem that I am not getting a job to live together with her and there is married man Mohamed Shahid in Maldives who is very politically strong forcing Jennifer to commit adultery to save her job. Please pray to Jesus to change heart of Shahid and protect Jennifer with Holy Spirit, also to let me get a small job in Maldives to stay with family together after marriage registration . Please pray that Jesus protect our family with all these evils
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posted by: Anand on 8/25/2019

Me and my lover soorya broke up few months ago.. We are still in contact.. Lateron we both understood that we love each other. a d we will be happy only if we are together.. Now her parents fixed a marriage for her and her engagement got over.. She tried a lot to convince her parents that she is not ready for this.. but nothing worked. Now her engagement is over and marriage is fixed but we both want to be together. Kindly pray for a situation by which this marriage gets called off without hurting anyone and we both can get married and live together happily.. Please pray for a miracle to happen..
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Please, help me
posted by: tommy on 8/23/2019

Hello, my name is Tommy. If you read my e-mail, I want to ask you, will you pray for me? I am facing economic and financial problems. I am currently unemployed. I have no income for 7 months. Previously I had a small business for about 2 years, but my business went bankrupt and closed. Honestly, I'm very desperate about my situation. My economic and financial conditions have deteriorated, I have to support my family. I have to support my parents. If you read my e-mail, will you pray for me? I ask for prayer, that God will give me a good job for me. I ask for prayer, that God will restore my economy and finances. In my desperation, I beg you, I beg you to pray for me.
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