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posted by: Cathleen Zsupnik on 7/18/2019

Hi! Re the little guy and his cancer treatment: Praise God—he is officially in remission!! He will continue to be followed closely for the next couple of years, so please keep praying. Thank You Jesus!
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Relatioship Prayer Request
posted by: Mary Wamaitha on 7/14/2019

Asking God to help me with my current relationship situation with Federico Cordovez. Heavenly Father, please take away all the pain and hurt in my heart. Fill it with love, joy, patience, and understanding. Bless me and my partner Fed, so that we may never surrender to whatever challenges that come our way. Fill our hearts with love for each other, and may you make each one of us realize each other’s worth. Please touch the heart of my partner Fed,fill it with much love for me.Make our complicated relationship become uncomplicated. I seek for your mercy and blessing that you may allow us to spend the rest of our lives with each other. Please make this feeling mutual for both of us. Lead us not into temptations. Guide us wherever we go. Always put us in each other’s heart and mind. Thank you Lord for hearing my prayer in Jesus Name Amen.
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Prayer Request
posted by: Mina Athanasius on 7/6/2019

I am a Canadian guy and law student. I need a prayer to secure an articling position or any suitable position in the government. I have been studying hard and currently doing a job that is not related to the legal field. Although I thank God for everything I have, I still feel down and hopeless. Blessings, Mina
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April’s grandmother Inger Hansen
posted by: Caren Cantafio on 7/1/2019

My daughter April’s grandmother, Inger Hansen, had a mild heart attack Sunday morning. She also has a UTI, and was lethargic when her daughter Debbie saw her. She couldn’t stand or walk. Her condition and mood has improved as of Sunday evening. Inger is 93. She is in the cardiac unit at Whittier Presbyterian Hospital.
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posted by: Peter Klassen on 5/1/2019

I need prayer for my one adopted son he's been addicted to drugs his whole life and pretty well destroyed everything in his life, he was seriously abused as a young kid and he's been running away from his pain and anxiety for way too long, God called him out to become clean and live a healthy lifestyle but he doesn't know how to tolerate the pain inside without very strong drugs or medications and it kills me watching him falling down and struggling to get back up again, he's been doing good, he's been clean for almost 19 months but his pain is almost unbearable, he's trying to replace the medications with vitamins but he hasn't been able to successfully walk on his own yet and I really love this Kid he needs to be clean and healed and healthy, he needs alot of love in his life and if you could pray for him I would really love to see this guy through and watch him have his life back and living his life in a healthy and loving way I'm really believe in God for a complete miracle and he needs your help and good people with lots of love thank you
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posted by: Peter Klassen on 5/1/2019

My friend needs prayer today he's in the hospital in critical condition he needs to come through this he has alot to live for Pray for him today he needs all the help we can give him
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marriage problem solution provider
posted by: Mia on 4/30/2019

friend Mark and his family. He is suffering from cancer and hasn't been able to eat or drink for two days. Pray that the Holy Spirit comforts and strengthens Mark and his family
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Thank you man of God
posted by: Wiloria on 4/30/2019

Thank you for your prayers. My son was born two weeks ago on Saturday. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. God blessed you and gave in return thousands of blessings in Jesus name. Thank my You Lord Jesus. My dearest friend my All in All. Please continue praying for little baby Noel and his happy and blessed childhood. And that we are the best mum and dad ever possible. Please pray for his health and all his needs and his protection. And for his mum Snježana me and all of my family and for all of our needs and our protection and that we are faithful to God and each other And that God protects us from all evil. Thank you all. Thank you Pastor Hubbard Mail; Tel. +2349036378920
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animal charity financial problems
posted by: a. on 4/26/2019

pleasp pray for animal charity MDD to get afinancial donations to buy food and pay veterinary bill. thanks
I will pray 6 people are praying.
Friend in BIG TROUBLE!
posted by: Crystal S on 4/26/2019

Please pray! Things aren't going well. My friend's maintaining that he's innocent BECAUSE he is, but nobody believes him. All the evidence is against him and he's being made a fool in front of the whole world. But I know he's not stupid. Yet there's currently no way to prove it and we're feeling feeling desperate. We need a miracle at this point! Pray for God's power and intervention. It's all we have. I'm afraid he'll be punished for something he didn't do. PLEASE pray that none can harm him!!! The police say that they've never seen anyone deny doing drugs even after the official drug test results have proven otherwise. My friend is no fool and he's not denying just to think he can somehow avoid punishment by doing so. He's saying that he's innocent BECAUSE he is! And he's not denying the results but having done the drugs. He could easily have been fed them (mixed in drink) without knowing, or there might've been a mix up or mistake during the test process. In the worst case, corruption and bribery might actually be involved -- as the accusing party is someone rich and powerful who wants to put the blame on him for her own crime. She's already done drugs in the past but got away scot-free while her partner-in-crime went to jail. But no one's going after her this time even though she was the one who was caught. The whole thing seems like it's fixed. Investigation is biased, the media is biased, and everyone's against him. PLEASE pray for God's grace and mercy for my friend in this most horrible situation, and for a MIRACLE tonight! It's desperately needed. I fear my friend will be pressured to give in and falsely confess his crime when he's innocent as I KNOW HE IS! Thank you for your prayers.
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