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posted by: a. on 6/14/2022

please ptay for the dog Sultans 6 y.old to get a help and new owners., his owners move to other country and dont take him with. Pray for severla; good people to offer him a home. Only a short time left. Thanks
I will pray  
posted by: a. on 5/31/2022

pleasepray for poor cat Villijs to get a good.home . and for 2 cats to get a dopted together. Thanks
I will pray  
Stolen Memories
posted by: Theo Nemeth on 5/12/2022

Good afternoon, Church. I would like for the Church to please pray that the Lord gives me a sign on where exactly my stolen Mini DV Tapes collections is at so I can go rescue them. They have too many sentimental memories on each of those Tapes for me give up on them. I believe the Lord will answer this prayer like everyone elses prayers but only on his time. Please pray that the Lord will protect these Tapes so I can recover them all. Thank you in advance.
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posted by: Charlotte on 2/1/2022

please say a prayer for me and my family that God provide us protection, guidance and healing. The last few years have been very difficult for us all. Thank you
I will pray 1 person is praying.
Pray God end my unemployment
posted by: Fredrik on 6/30/2021

My name is Fredrik. I live in Sweden. Pray to God to help me find a good job God wants me to have so my unemployment come to an end. I've been unemployed for very long.
I will pray 1 person is praying.
posted by: keijo on 6/18/2021

now is the time to fight,pray forme in the fight against false doctrine who not confess Jesus blood in salvation but using oown victims,bless,keijo sweden
I will pray 1 person is praying.
Brother in law
posted by: Cathleen Zsupnik on 4/25/2021

Hi Pathway Family- My brother in law Gary was just diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Not staged yet, and no treatment plan yet. Please pray. Thx!
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Prayer for a dear family friend
posted by: Linda Prosser on 1/7/2021

Sherry, a family friend, has dementia and is now ill with COVID-19. She is currently in an assisted living facility and the family cannot visit her. The family has requested the church to pray for her recovery. Sherry is a Christian.
I will pray 3 people are praying.
posted by: Cathleen Zsupnik on 6/22/2020

Hi all, Please pray for my nephew Michael. He is newly diagnosed with acute leukemia. He is being transferred to Stanford now. Pray for God’s peace and wisdom and complete healing. Thank you so much!!!!
I will pray 4 people are praying.
posted by: keijo on 3/20/2020

Help and pray for me in my the fight against false doctrine who not confess Jesus blood in salvation,but using own victims,pray for my eyes sight too,thanks and bless,keijo sweden
I will pray 6 people are praying.
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